Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Explaining Temporal Pests

This blog is the place to follow the adventures of the Temporal Pests Sassy and Goldie.

Sassy is from Teckelstein so she's an extra ordinary super sentient dachshund aristocrat from a pocket universe that can move throughout the multiverse and thru time and space and alternate realities, dreamings and fictionalities.

Goldie is a Goullawk a small dragon like creature with front flippers and tail flukes no wings and a magnificent crest of head feathers plus large fin like ears. She is a refugee from fan fiction who's definitely a character.

Other Characters.

Lady Zen Shipper. She's ...well let's just say two someones visited the same junkyard or museum or what ever that a certain other famous timeship came from.

Lay Zen Shipper however is a slightly more modern and less damaged model.

Well Lady Zen Shipper needs repairs or a rest or just occasionally wanders off on her own the girls use the services of REG the only Dawllawk London Taxi Cab Driver. Reg is NOT a D#$%& not really not despite the close physical resemblance ... really but if a D#$%& became sane it would probably be as cynical and sarcastic as REG.

I'm trying to arrange to have various pro artists do portraits of the girls but that requires MONEY so please use that Paypal tip jar and maybe suggest an artist too? Apart from that we're free though if there's ever the demand I'll put the girls' portraits onto merchandise?

IF I do ever get Paypal donations or sell some cups or mugs or something you have my promise 50% of Paypal and sales will be go to charity!

Posts to this post will continue until I either find some one who wants to publish this as a print novel or ebook or comic or whatever.

Please move on to the next post and enjoy!

Temporal Pests Copyright Julie Vaux 2013