Monday, 29 October 2012


(Okay its very short but ...)


A millenium more or less up the time stream two blonde humanoids were studying

a temporal flux monitor.

"What are they doing downtime! Another Crisis! Again!" exclaimed the one with

a very high IQ and green skin.

The other blonde in the room leaned provocatively across the console blocking

his view of the monitor.

"Let's discuss other problems!"

She seized the edge of his lab coat and suddenly snarled

"Why is it taking so long for my toyboy to get back to top from!
Have you been spiking his meds or something!?
and he still has this strange craving for twentieth century toxins ...things

called Bimacs and Hodawgs!"

Just then fortunately for our lime jello colored genius several alarms went

off at once.

The irate blond female shuddered and shrieked " ... but bu u I didnt get any

precog flash and I should have if that many things happened at once!"

But at the Node certain villians sniggered in delight as the consequences of

worlds fusing spread uptime and their henchmen attacked the mother city of the


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lost Boys

Penny Amy and Lost Boys

Meanwhile while the girls were working their way down their list back at the Node a Lost Boy was forlornly wandering around.

"Penny! Amy! Leon!
Where are my friends Primary Secondary and Tertiary!
Sob they promised me the power to change the laws of physics and all I got so far was this teeshirt and a black cape!"

This character of course  oh yes oh course nudge wink has absolutely no link nudge wink with a certain Texan resident in Pasadena? Of course not!

and back at that residence Leon is screaming out the window.

"Oh for pity's sake Rajnee get here and stop levitating!
And Superpandit is NOT a good super hero name!
and what if the laws of physics suddenly change back again!?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gothamic kNights

Gotham(ic) kNights

Sassy and Goldie are STILL working their way down that list.

A city on an island in a bay.

The architecture is a strange blend of Art Deco Gothic and 19th century slum.

Yes it is off the Eastern Coast of the USA.

and the people ...?

"Sign up here for the Gothamic Haunts Tour!"

"Travel by helicopter and see the rooftops and alleyways of Gotham(ic) city or walk through the shadows and dark alleys. Visit that night club with the Black and White Avian theme. Watch our infamous criminals in action!"

Meanwhile an "ART" crime is being thwarted.

One of Gotham's finest has cornered the person who thinks he's funny at an art gallery charity event.

"Wham Bang Punch"

"Your scrawly sadistic @#$%^&* You destroyed my family! You crippled my daughter! You inspired other idiots to do weird stuff! You increased the amount of paperwork I have to do!"

Yes the Commish is doing some performance art with the oh you know who I'm hinting  at but eventually I'ld love to make this a PRO REAL book and as Copyright law ... blahargh.

He is interrupted by a Goullawk shouting,

"We're terribly sorry Mr Commissioner but we need to speak with Mister Jee?"

Enter the Goullawk and the Dachshund suitably attired as Batdach and Nightgoullawk in black satin capes red vests and black masks and of course usability belts. (Scribal note Use Useful Utility all those words come from Latin)

Sassy added "You too Other Mister Jay! We've got invitations for some police work and anarchy too!"

"We couldn't ask Batty cos he's run off to elope with Slinky!"

(Somewhere in Venice a retired feline burglar and a philanthropist are sipping champagne and reclining on silk sheets and ignoring all messages to them)

Goldie added "and the Hyper Metro city Alien is hiding or maybe sulking in his Polar Vacation Home.

Fluvia who was with them smiled and muttered to herself
"and those photos of Clark being confronted by Lana Lois and Diana are going to earn me a small fortune on the Black Market!"

To be erratically continued sooner or later .

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mutant meetings

On a certain island that recently appeared off the coast of California a notoriously tense tall individual with a visual problem that acquired him to wear red tinted lenses was trying to hold a crisis meeting.

Unfortunately the only person of self importance who had shown up was his current girlfriend who was reading Vogue.

"Where is everyone!"

"Eric went to London for a photo shoot with Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender, our black ops guy has gone to Japan, the kids are clubbing or shopping, Leonard's liberating dolphins, Peter's taken the Pride of Chicago to go gallery cruising, and I want to go shopping NOW!"

"So is anyone actually left on the island?"

"Just us. Just you and me watching you be very very serious.
Aren't you a lucky I find that ... alluring?"

We better end there!  

(Scribal yes this is very short but folks I'm dealing with sick relatives)