Saturday, 26 July 2014

My characters are missing!

My characters a sentient dachshund and a Goullawk are STILL Missing!

I have been informed they may be hiding  at SDCC?

You have been warned.

If you are attending San diego Comic convention and  have had  sashimi sushi or hot dogs or any kind of sausage on a roll or other items disappear I will not be held responsible!

They may be disguised using holographic imagers as balloon animals or stuffed toys or ...

I also disclaim any responsibility for the incident with the cosplaying midgets or children dressed as a small dragonoid and a raccoon launching  "fireworks" from "rayguns" while shrieking


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Some where in the multiverse

Somewhere in the multiverse ... two  lazy characters have forgotten to update their author! Their poor author with a severe case of the winter blues ...

"Did you hear distant screaming?'

"We frequently hear distant screaming?"

"It sounded like our author. I better check our diary."

Shrieking more shrieking

"we're THAT OVERDUE ..."

Some people are having their sashimi rations cut. Not me.