Saturday, 22 February 2014

One Lab Accident Revisited and revised (sections in ( )
(original post nov 2012 )
Just to remind you who some of our characters are before the big battle!

"Now what's next on our list?" asked Goldie, although she was quite capable of reading it herself.

Sassy was squinting earnestly with a very serious expression at the list.

"We've got cavalry and air support but we need a flock of dodos and to arrange a freak storm in Pasadena to cause a lab accident to an (Princess) Amy (of the Apes) FF, some called pennypennypenny! and Bernie ... is ... gosh who wrote this for me ... is that name wolowiz?"

Meanwhile in Pasadena other people had similar ideas and two Ph.D.s, a Masters in Engineering and a waitress were setting up chemicals and other devices while Mrs Wolowiz and Superpandit were watching them. Superpandit was floating four feet off the floor as his new levitation abilities had gotten stuck on HOVER.

"Okay people," the male Ph.D,"if we're right about how the laws of physics have changed an open window a kitchen bench covered with dangerous chemicals and  a few of his hairs should allow us to locate the East Texan Mantis Monster along with this picture Stuie draw for us and the scrabble board on the table.

Now how do we get the freak weather or electrical dishcharge?"

Some short time later in the stratosphere Lady Zen Shipper was cloud herding disguised as an airship with camo gray cloud patterns.

"All right are we above Pasadena yet?  Everyone got their safety googles on?" asked JonaHexed dressed in a dashing 30s style lab jacket steam punk googles and black rubber boots.

"Oh can I do the count down when you pull the lever?" squealed Goldie!

"Lets all do it start chanting folks!" cried JonaHeXed as he started moving the lever downwards.

"TEN!" There was a humming sound.

"NINE!" An whiff of ozone!


Well yeah you're going to have to READ the SFX unless I suddenly start getting a helluva lot of Paypal tokens of appreciation so I can pay a PRO to draw this and other scenes and no one has used the paypal yet even once sheesh so ... read on.

"SEVEN" Fluvia's hair begun to frizz with static electricity and Sassy's heckles rose.

"SIX" Down in Pasadena the waitress looked out the window and exclaimed

"Oh a freak unforecast storm!"

"FIVE" "Everyone get inside the circle or stand next to the chemicals!" shouted one of the Ph.D's in Pasadena.




Okay everyone reader participation time!


A massive discharge of over excited molecules wove a mass of air into a pathway for power and flashed downwards thru the window.

Next time have our fearless heroines made new allies?

Friday, 21 February 2014

Still A Battle

Still A battle

(see prior post finally a battle )

Still A Battle

We last saw our characters (unless you caught up on older posts while the girls took an Xmas

break) besieged surrounded overwhelmed threatened and generally in trouble.

DEM grabbed Sassy by the collar and pulled her away from the Goullawk shaped dent in the

ground and then before the Dachshund could wriggle backwards out of the collar wrapped an arm around her and tucked her under her armpit firmly.

"Hey you're wearing armor! That hurts!" yelped Sassy.

"You'll hurt a lot more if you get squashed too by that robot!" scolded DEM.

The demiequinid character was whinnying as he fired off rounds from an antique pistol.

He stopped to reload and snorted at the others and swore in an obscure Germanic dialect.

"@##$% I told my author I wanted to retire!"

Just then in the distance there was a loud popping sound as air was displaced by a gate opening followed by the sound  of anti tank grenades  exploding and the ringing of steel capped hooves against robotic armour.

"Loving God" whinnied the Colonel, "Who invited my wife?"

Catholic Shrieking cut through the crowd bowling over several robots battle machines and

warsuits  and a variety of villains and also clearing a path to a nearby building.

By its door was Wolowiz and wife, P is for Persuasive and Super Pandit waving franticly.

Our beleaguered group of heros run for it.

P is for Persuasive stood outside guarding them as they retreated talking to the villians,

"You really need a coffee break about now!"

"These are not the droids you're looking for!"

"They went the other way!"

"Would you like to buy me shoes?"

Leon grabbed his girlfriend and pulled her inside and slammed the door before anyone could

respond to that offer.

Inside Reg and Jonahexed and others were studying the controls.

The Texan praying mantis was looking particularly petulant.

"Why one of the greatest minds in the multiverse can not break the decryptions on these controls..."

"Minds!?" snapped several other people in the room.

"I think since we just had another arrival incoming travel is possible but we can't open portals out.

Jonahexed eyes stated glowing. Literally.

"I ... I ... feel explanatory prose paragraphs forming!"

"The portal controls are locked but there's always a solution ... that s a cosmic law of narrative so ... soo ... soo ..." Jonahexed paused to look at the control panel ..."

"Is that a messaging system or comm icon?"

"Oh yes its got a RECYT / REPLY ALL command option!"

But what about Goldie?" howled Sassy.

To be continued at the same erratic pace.

Editorial Note if you are a new reader better check the archives!


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Agent Phil's Family Fun Time and Furies explained

Meanwhile as worlds collide converge and become chaotic one sensible individual is staying out of trouble safely riding out the chaos on a plane with a fuel tank which apparently can circumnavigate the world several times without refuelling. But his boss is not happy about this.

Oh and an explanation of how a white 60s Fury became ... the new guy with the eye patch much darker tan ... and attitude!

A phone rings.

"Phil I need your admin skills! Get back here now!"

"But that require a dangerous transit through unstable areas of temporal and spatial distortions ... Wahrd stop teasing the Fitzes and go help Skype with her homework!"

" Phil you have to get back here due to those distortions my grandfather's trying to "volunteer" and return to service! Gramps please no put that gun down. No we don't use howitzers any more and no you can't have a rocket launcher! Gramps please! And stop going around the carrier telling people how proud you are of me! You're spoiling my image! "

Phil smirks. The yelling from the phone continues.

"No gramps of course I love you  but even with that youth serum you're in your 90s and seeing you is starting up that nepotism rumor again!"

Phil please come back please!"

Agents of Shield returns to Australian tv on wednesday night !

Saturday, 8 February 2014

the notes the notes where are the notes !

Previously on Temporal Pests our characters were imperilled and someone not me lost the notes on what happened next so you'll just have to endure a flashback to an older episode again ...

Let There be Ba#$s!

Reposted in honor of the imminent return of a certain fuzzy elf

"So why do we need the boys to build a transtellar transport device that generates wormholes," asked JonaHexed, who hadn't been allowed to read the list yet?

"Something happens to Reg's Taxi but that's not for another hour," answered Sassy.

"But we have Lady Zen Shipper?" stated Jonahexed.

"Apparently building the gate allows a lost and forgotten character to return."

"So who's next," asked Fluvia, leaning closer to read down the list which Goldie was holding up in her mouth for Sassy to read," THEM? the little blue pests!"

No Dear Readers not the ones starting with S.

Meanwhile a memorial statue of a fuzzy elfish being in San Francisco was  surrounded by a horde or swarm of small blue beings all wailing,

"They killed Daddy B@#f! They killed Papa B@#f!"

"And Hewlett finally caught the last of us and banned us from the school grounds!" bewailed another holding an empty whiskey bottle.

Lady Zen Shipper appeared next to the normally invisible yet oddly never a hazard to aircraft or avians giant comatose alien.

"Look!" squealed one of the smarter Bamfs who instead of crying had been panhandling from tourists, "it's the Dragon Queen and the Time Queen and the Teckel Princess!"

The Ba#$ stopped crying and swarmed over to the Girls.

"Hello boys!" barked Sassy, "wanna a job!"

To be continued in the usual erratic manner.

Look I told you this was about a temporal crisis ... must be causing timeloops ?