Monday, 7 January 2013

Whatever happened to Lori Zech$%^ ?

Whatever happened to Lori Zech&*?

"Well this is going to be a difficult one!" stated Goldie once again reading over Sassy's head, "Has anyone seen that girl in ages?"

"Which girl?" asked HerInside

"Young Lori from Ohio. Wears Black. Into Goth. Power borrower." responded Goldie.

"Hang on I think I took her to the House of Mystery a few months back."

"But is she still there Reg?" answered Sassy, "With her powers she could be anywhere!"

In the House of Mystery the disgruntled landlord and his brother were tallying up the damages done by previous tenants. This lot had left knife and bullet marks in the walls and some very bizarre toys and dolls along with a troop of pet monkeys.

Then there was the mess currently being created by a desperate teenager trying to  figure out where her adult "friends" had gone. Lori was franticly going through desks and drawers looking for any clues to their whereabouts.

Finally exhuasted she huddled down crying on a certain killer acrobat's bed .

That was where Sassy and Goldie found her after REG had transported them there.

Sassy very quietly walked up to the bed with a bx of tissues in her mouth and held them out to Lori Zech#$%.

"Wha ... oh Sassy where is everyone ? I've been scrying and I just can't find anyone. One minute I'm in Latin class and the next minute the school disappears and I go down to the mall and  people are asking me why I'm dressed like a fictional character and there's this headlines and stories about worlds merging and ... and ... I cant find Oracle or my father and my  borrowing power isnt working properly and  ... and I'm getting this strange urge to wear a color apart from black."

Sassy and Goldie shuddered.

One of the most powerful females in the multiverse had been reduced to emo tantrums by the cosmic convergence.

Goldie inhaled ominously taking such a deep breath her sides inflated. Shr slapped the floor with her tail flukes and then raised them in a manner that cuased Sassy to step backwards lie down and cover her ears with her front paws.

There was a sudden blast of sound like a steam whistle combined with an flute layed by a shrieking bat that got everyone's attention.

"Now you listen here Lori Zech#$%. A girl who can walk in and out of Hell who can defy angels demons and villians should not be cowering on a bed. You come with us right now. There will be milk and cookies and we found one of your friends too!"

A somewhat dazed goth girl followed them out of the House of Mystery.

To be continued at the usual erratic pace.