Monday, 21 January 2013



Whats going on with our heroes and villians.

Back at the node a certain megalomaniac with a fondness for green and purple armor was having a quiet gloat at the latest sitrep report. His plan seemed to  be proceeding and succeeding beautifully. On the screen behind him was a view of his greatest frenemy being nagged by ALL of his past and present possible and actual girlfriends wives and immediate family cloned adopted and natural.

"Yes" he hissed gleefully to himself, "using the other villians to overrun the Node while I made my wish at the Cintamani worked gorgeously!"

"The Node's reality alteration devices are resonating to the Cinatamani reinforcing my wish and anyone whose plans might slash with mine, villianous or heroic, is either locked up here or being kept very very busy elsewhere, signing autographs, suing their creators, attending chat shows with their actors, trying to edit their Face book Fan Pages, invading small countries, or going into therapy!"

"This time when Reality resets my son will survive!"

A small mad scientist with very big glasses who had been listening from the doorway walked into the room asking,

"and we will all get our wishes? No more dachshunds and goullawks being disruptive influences? I caught them in my daughter's bedroom trying to tempt her onto the boring path of virtuous righteousness."

"Relax Sivvy I promised you we'ld  will take care of  minor pests as well as the big cheese and the stupid wizard.

Look what I did to the Justice Elsoc teams! That island of women warriors is under siege from hordes of feminist neopagans hoping to interview them  and academics who were sent an anonymous tip off they had copies of the contents of the original Library of Alexandria. The Atlantic ocean has several new islands and various submarine aquatic  amphibian types are  busy protecting refugees and fending off delusional Atlantis cultists. The Chinese have military forces advancing towards various hidden cities and temples that some one sent them a map of and every major magic worker has had their address posted on the Internet and is being pestered by wannabe mages acolytes and guardians. The Bat is in Venice with his feline girlfriend ... "

"Some people are still NOT under our control or surveillance!"

"Oh those minor characters in Respite Street! Bah!"

"What if they come here?"

"I rather think we outnumber them?" replied our chief villian gesturing at the windows at a congerie of robots henchfolk and general villianry.

Yes gentle readers what will our band of characters do next to achieve the return of Teckelstein and the restoration of balance to the Multiverse!

to be continued real soon!