Thursday, 23 October 2014

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I think the girls have been kidnapped by aliens or hydra or something.

Please visit the Archives and read older posts until they're released or escape.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Fans of a certain  Cardiff produced TV program have noticed after a major tiff a certain English teacher changed her mind about a certain Traveller the next episode.

Someone apparently improved or had a refresher for their "dad skills" .

Others of you may remember a certain fan joke about Coulson referring to using the services of one of UNIT's consultants.


We now bring you yet another irresponsible piece of cross genre fanfic!

The office of a certain Director. All is quiet. The sound proofing is muffling the the howling from the basement. The damaged Brit is sharing the Xbox with a friend. The girls are practising on the target range. The Director is watching ballroom dancing videos on youtube.
Cloenig is on the phone with ... how many brothers does he have?

Suddenly a familiar noise fills the air and a large six sided object with doors on one side appears and a frantic figure leaps through the doors and bounds towards the Director's desk.

"You! You! You have to help me!" he screams in a mildly Glasgow Scots accent.

"How did you find this location!" snaps the Director.

"Oh I used to work for UNIT and my sort of maybe not yet dead wife goes shopping with a dragonoid and a dachshund who apparently know someone who "Ships" for some one ... was it Granite or Warden ... look I'll pay ... I'll give you my phone number!"

"Are you a certain xenobiology expert?" asks the Director.

"Yes! Yes thats me and I need a refresher in dad skills. My girl is being impossible! ... and I'll buy you a FULL tank of fuel for your AIRBUS!"


Some time later his pupil having left the Director is sitting at his desk typing up class notes having had a bright idea for a best selling DIY book to raise funds!

by Fil Martini

Lesson One Share and cook family meals!
Includes my recipe for kale and steak !

Is there any chance Whedon is reading this?

Come on humor include at least one reference to that British consultant!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Agents of Naughtiness!

Agents of Naughtiness

probably #fanfiction   this couldnt have really happened anywhere in the multiverse? Could it?

What still no paypal tips ?

Okay you're just going to have to put up with another out of sequence of one of the girls' recent misadventures.

A secret facility somewhere  ... apparently you can land and hide an HUGE airbus with driving distance of wher- ever a certain general lives with no one noticing?

What a marvellous universe!

Director Carving into Walls is my new hobby is staring out  of the window and hasnt noticed the live feed from Vault 4 of just HOW Skype is interrogating Buddy's Best Friend who curiously is now wearing a WILFRED outfit with chocolate brown fur and is rolling on the floor either trying to look cute or convince Skype after that recent psychotic break he needs a REAL therapist!

Clonig or is he a droid is standing in front of the screen  clearly praying Director Yoga is not my Hobby stays by the window.

Just then a statue materializes in the middle of the office.

Well it looks like a statue but a door opens in the plinth and a certain notorious twosome emerge.

Goldie cheerfully and loudly.

"Hellooo darlings I understand you're recruiting?"

Director Gosh was that Kree Blood whirls around and spills his coffee as his first reaction on seeing our beloved Goullawk and Dachshund characters is to draw a gun.

"You were banned from ALL SHIELD Faculties!"

"We're willing to apologize for putting a smiley face on your boss' eyepatches!"

meekly declaimed the canine member of this duo.

"So are you recruiting!? We do filing and martial arts soo!"

Director Connect the Kree equations is about to snarl at them when he notices whats going despite downstairs despite Clonig standing in front of the screens.

"We also do therapy!" states Goldie!

"Thats it! I give up! I'm going to the real Tahiti!"

Just then Fitz wanders in from the lab and unlike everyone else in the room is not being hysterical.

"Oh helloo girls!"

He walks towards the plinth of the statue.

"Just where do you think you're going?" asks Director forced to travel coach.

"The girls are taking me to visit a special Doctor!"

Cut to final scene Director Over stressed is quietly sobbing.

He wanted to go visit the man in the Blue Box too!

More silliness sooner or later!

Argh grr must get back to fixing chapter 3 of REAL serious novel!