Friday, 4 January 2013

(RE) introducing Temporal Pests

I'm doing a re introduction to Temporal Pest for those infrequent visitors who may be confused about the plot.

To be honest sometimes I wonder if we do have a plot since I'm taking narration from a pair of characters whose grasp of linear time is rather uncertain.

Our two main characters are Sassy a  sentient dachshund from Teckelstein and Goldie aka Gilda Dragonides aka that annoying Goullawk.

Our girls have been having adventures across the Multiverse  and through time and space and various realities and fictionalities and dreamings and other dimensions.

They are aided by

LADY ZEN SHIPPER a techno-organic travelling device saved from a junkyard on  Galli#$%^ before the timelock. She is probably related to the more famous TARDIS.

When LADY Zen is docked for repairs or just gone off shopping or wandering on her own the girls have often resorted to the services of London based taxi driver REG the Dawllawk. Not really a DAL#$ no really not at all.

Reg lives in East London on Respite Street with his lovely wife HerInside who just might be a Cyber er person.

The unfortunate survivor of a lost plot line JonaHexed sometimes gets dragged into  the girls' activities as a sidekick since neither of them have opposable thumbs. Yes JonaHexed does have a certain resemblance to an unpopular and abused Stargate character.

Currently a certain super villian got his hands on a reality altering Cintamani a wish granting jewel and made a wish that has lead to various parts of the Multiverse converging with our reality. This has involved Sassy and Goldie since there are certain cosmic laws you really shouldnt mess with.

You especially shouldnt make wishes that can only be fulfilled by cutting off Teckelstein from the rest of the Multiverse or promises to  other super villians who have had plans thwarted by Teckelsteiners.

Now Sassy and Goldie have to gather allies and gain access to the  Cintamani  to reset the Multiverse.

Now go back to the novel.

Thank you for hopefully choosing to continue reading Temporal Pests.