Friday, 11 January 2013

Back in the Homeland

Back in the Home Land

Meanwhile back in beautiful scenic Teckelstein things were not getting better or fixed. Those residents who could tolerate darkness cold and shadows had retreated to the deepest caverns. Others were huddled around fireplaces in the main palace or other of the castles ringing the central lake. Aquatic and amphibian citizenry were occupied a swimming pool.

Augustus Friedrich von Teckelstein first Minister for Just about everything was consulting a big red book whose cover read Final Desperate Solutions in case of the world ending and the Sky Falling. And indeed the sky was falling slowly freezing and settling as snow flakes on the ground as the cold of whatever void Teckelstein was drifting seeped through the forcefields which were fading. Those occupants with weather powers had tried to form ice shields just inside the force fields but they were cracking.

"Gentle beings it would appear our readership has lowered to a critical limit and we have but one last solution left the Stone of Darkened Destiny!" announced AF grimly. Several people would have attempted to run out of the room but they were wearing so many layers of clothing running was impossible though there was some furtive shuffling.

"We need volunteers who are innocent virgins who love their pack !" shouted AF.

"Couldnt we try prayer again?" asked one person.

"That's why the power hasnt gone out completely yet!" answered AF.

Still one last time might help! Altogether now!

"oh mighty congeries of fannish readers and whosoever loveth dachshunds and complicated continual pop culture cross genre references and whosever has a sense of humor and can appreciate parody and satire and metatext and intertext cry out to all the powers and persons that have been are in being and will become moved by the power that by sweet Charity and Agape that moves the sun and stars shout out these words.


Shout it out threefold tenfold a hundred fold!



And as they prayed a small brave black and tan soul crept out of the hall to sacrifice himself.

to be continued  sooner or later hopefully sooner