Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Origin of Teckelstein

The origin of Teckelstein

This passage comes from chapter 2.

A young European Bronze Age hunter had discovered the mountain-side cave of one of the last descendants of the hominoid people now known as Neanderthals and then as the Wild Folk of the Forest. The Neanderthaloid had a pack of canids with puppies, who were strange shaggy dwarvish things, like the hominid they shared a den with, not exactly hounds with short legs, or terriers, but something ancestral to both types of canids. The elderly hominid beckoned in a friendly manner to the younger human and presented a squirming tail-wagging pup, holding it up to him in one large hand as a gift of friendship. The young human looked at the strange creature who seemed to be half giant with his large deepset eyes, massive projecting nose, round chinless face, and equally massive shoulders and arms, and yet dwarvish and stunted below the waist line with shorter legs beginning to become withered from the effects of osteo-arthritis and other ailments.
“ … yes … ,” whispered Sassy anxiously, remembering her history classes, “You take the pup and offer your protection to the Spirit Walker of the Old Ones and he shows you how to align your fields and settlement to the local geoforces, the ley lines, to create a Holy Earth Covering place."

 (*Teg is an ancient and honorable Indoeuropean Radical!)

Fresh material soon. I'm rereading all the posts again to make sure Sassy and Goldie's  erratic narration hasn't made the plot lines too confusing and to pick up any dangling threads that need to be more tightly woven back into the whole!