Thursday, 11 April 2013

Between a Cloth and a Hard Place

Between a Cloth and a Hard Place

While villianry gloated and the girls worked down their list JonaHexed was recovering from being forcibly repossessed by Fluvia from the clutches of that evil fabric Dark Caper.
He was encouched literally in Lady Zen Shippers tea lounge enjoying the sort of couch or sofa you really can seek into deeply. Dark Caper's bottle had been sealed into bubble wrap then super glued to a wooden board and the board nail gunned to a shelf of trophies and souvenirs.  Shrieks of frustration could still be heard though. The malevolent textile wanted out.

JonaHexed pulled a cushion over his head and grimaced wishing he was back in Brief Appearances safely enjoying refreshments, civilized company, and safety from predators like Dark Caper.  Once upon a time he had briefly been a star in a season of a popular scifi series. Now that series and its spin-offs were merely reruns and he ... he wept. It was painful being a character so close to fading that he could easily  be possessed by so minor an entity of Dark Caper who'd only appeared in fan fiction where at least he was a fan fiction version of a full character. The two had merged to survive.

Someone pulled the cushion off his head and passed him a tissue. It was one of the refugees from the Space Sargasso.

"Whats your name? I've forgotten mine? Can you help me find one? It's hard to remember who I used to be?"

Jonah sat down. He was written to try to be helpful and so compelled to respond. Plus the refugee was female and dressed in a retro futuristic skirt.

Dark Caper vented another muffled shriek sensing the surge of positive thought.

He smiled at the refugee asking,

"Who do you want to be?"

"I think I was in some 60s scifi comic. Something about space cadets. I was ... Vicki something ... someone British... "

"Vicki is a lovely name!" exclaimed JonaHexed suppressing an urge to go into explanatory mode.

"Ever heard of Wikipedia? Lets see if Lady Zen Shipper can access it or has an updated copy in her files?"

Goldie flumped into the room just as JonaHexed moved closer to Vicki and shrieked,

"Oh JonaHexed! Are you recovered Yet! Good back to work Dear!"

JonaHexed sighed and muttered "Duty calls ..." and followed Goldie out of the room.

A certain cloth snickered gleefully anticipating being alone with Vicki.

"I forgot someone!" snapped JonaHexed and stomped back into the room. He picked up the cushions and piled them on top on Dark Caper's shelf for extra insulation and turned and smiled at Vicki.

"why don't you come to the bridge with us and we'll access the computer from there?"

A muffled groan of disgust came from the shelf.

"Bah sentiment!"

Next time there's one last name on that list. Who could it be?

and will anyone ask who Vicki the Space Cadet is?

Hint there's a clue in the tags!