Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Quantum Untanglements

Quantum UNtanglements

"He changed sex?" asked a captain who was unaware of certain events?

"No this is his wife. Given what happened the last time he was in a novel he's probably outside with the villians," answered a certain female captain grimly.

"Yes he's still angry with you. I got him to calm down but he did THAT look!" replied the spousal Q.

"THAT look?" stated another captain.

"Yes," replied the female Q, "THAT look and then he smiled and said something about telling someone with a bigger grudge than him about Cintamanis and Nodes. I thought well if he played with the timelines I could go and fix it later and the time that immortal involved him in a transtemporal crossover he did fix it himself but this mess well the other Q are very angry with him and I offered to fix it.

So I'm letting you lot out. Now here are the keys! I have to be elsewhere and when."

"Wait!" screamed the captains as she disappeared.

"Now what do we do?" some one asked as they moved down the corridor opening cells.

"I'm going to the armory!"  A group of the more macho and military captains followed him.

Elsewhere and when the spousal Q was confronting her mate.

"Q this is wrong!"

"But it is amusing," retorted her husband smiling evilly.

"Oh really next thing you'll be stroking a Persian cat or tribbles!"

"How do you think tribbles got off their home world," smirked Q.


"Answer me!"


"Darling why are you here?" asked her husband realising she had no intention of leaving.

"I tried to go to Teckelstein for a morning cup of chai latte. It's not there! It's not anywhere. You removed Teckelstein. Put it back!"

"Really let me look. Oh it came back by itself. But they oh no they're heading here!"

"Well wouldn't that be interesting?" stated his wife enjoying his flustered look.

"Remember how we ... well I promised to protect them because they helped with . . ."

You broke an bounding oath Q!"

Q turned very pale.

"Start fixing this now and I might just might help you untangle this mess!" offered his wife.