Tuesday, 23 April 2013

One last name or more?

One last name.

"so who's the final invite to this party?"
asked Sassy looking up earnestly at Fluvia.

Fluvia stopped and squinted at the list.

"I strongly suspect there are a couple of more names under these stains!"

Goldie peered up at the list.

"Shall we just do the one we ca ... look the letters are changing as I read them!"

Lady Zen Shipper suddenly turned and there was a terrible ugly noise if she was being dragged along something rough and nasty.

Some one shouted.

"The walls are fading!"

"No no they're closing in!"

"I'm melting!"

"No it's a reality reset!"

The walls returned only now they seemed to be made of tinted glass though there was a clear area where a viewing screen had been showing a mass of roiling darkness.

Jonahexed shuddered and went into frantic explanotary mode.

"Someonewastalkingabouthisbackatheclub ... I ... I think we dropped below a critical reader threshold and have been sucked into the Dark Recycling Maelstrom!"

Readers shout out for Teckelstein!

Don't blame me I'm just the scribe.

Next time dodos and imaginary friends and other wierd stuff.