Wednesday, 1 May 2013

DRM and Dodos.

DRM and dodos to the rescue!

Maybe we just crossed a cloud of Dark Matter?"
observed Fluvia staring out at the gloom beyond the windows at the rolling and roiling darkness.

An abstract object that looked like a sculpture of a syllable with a plus sign at one side followed by a whole word that moved like a thread dangling down from something.

"Holy Muses a discarded morph and a dangling participle!" screamed one character.

"A what?" asked Goldie. Despite being multilingual a grasp of actual formal grammar was not one of her gifts.

"Couldn't this just mean we're near the textual ocean in you know which world?" asked Sassy as a phrasal verb drifted past followed by a uniliteral glyph, a string of Unicode, and a line of HTML 3.

"Or this could Dark Read Materia?" replied Fluvia still staring out the window,

"oh there's a dodo out there! Who'd discard one of those? They're valuable?"

"it's not a Wonderland dodo ... but that style looks's Pickwickie!" squealed Goldie in gleeful recognition.

If we can catch her and tie a line to her we can use her as a resonance point and get back to Swindon. Well a version of Swindon and that will get us closer to London!" exclaimed JonaHexed manfully.

Some time later JonaHexed stood in an open airlock holding a lasso while Fluvia lured toward Lady Zen with offerings of marshmallows.

"Here Pickwickie Marshmallows!"

"Plock? Plockplockplock?!"

"Come on Pickie time to go home! Just follow the trail of marshmallows!"

JonaHexed flung out the lasso and lured the dodo a bird of very little brain given the size of her head in proportion to her body.

"That's a good small blue reconstructed avian! Eat those mallows! Want some more?

"Plock PLOCK plock?"

"Home Pickie! Remember Thursday! and the day after that?"

"Plock! Plock! Plock!"  cried the Dodo excitedly.

"and you remember the day after Monday?"

"PLOCK!Plock!plock!" The dodo ran around in circles panicking.

"Well now you've gone and frightened her!" snapped Sassy.

"Pickwickie oh pickie time to go home come on girl head for home!

Something almost like a thought flickered briefly in the dodo's eyes.

"Remember Thursday Pickwickie? Home! Please!"

The dodo raised her head and sniffed for something.

"Yes Pickwickie Thursday Swindon Home home girl home!

The clouds parted and the dodo ran towards a patch of green.

With a terrible thump Lady Zen was dragged along behind her and landed on the lawn of a small mansion.

The dodo was racing towards a terrace at one side where people were having afternoon tea.

Sassy Goldie and Fluvia hurried towards them and paused at the edge of the terrace.

There seemed to be two or three versions of every person there including the dodos. One type was eating birdseed but another group wearing glasses were standing on a table reading newspapers.

"Hello?"asked Fluvia," would anyone here happen to be named after a day of the week, particularly the day after Wednesday?"

"I am!" "No I am! "But I am too!"

Fluvia snatched a news paper from the dodos who squawked indignantly.

The headline read WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE!

One of the people named after a day of the week held up some kind of digital tablet.

"Wow Apple are negotiating a merger with Starktech!"

"Uh some place called Ryleh is sending ambassadors to the UN?"

And some madwoman dressed in steam punk clothes attacked the producers of Doctor Who screaming "Stop damaging my paintwork"

( Yes readers I warned you some events were narrated to me out of sequence. Apparently the You know Who's travel device stopped off at Cardiff to get her revenge for the number of times she's been damaged the last few seasons but that was AFTER she got the messages ... now the girls tell me!)

"Right," commanded Fluvia "Next next and next we need you!    and here's why .."

to be continued sooner or later at the usual erratic pace.