Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Stone of Darkened Destiny

The stone of darkened destiny.

In the middle of the sort of dark deep cavern that is accessed via winding stairs lit by candles whose wax comes from ... let us say unusual and cruel sources was a Stone a murky semi translucent stone that looked as if some one had caught a brewing storm in a hunk of roughly cut glass. Obsidian the color of a bruise would have also been a good description. Down those stairs trotted a royal prince of Teckelstein, a slender elegant canid of black and tan colouration with large but shapely front paws and coolly intelligent eyes.

The stone's colors shifted and it darkened at the centre as the canid prince approached and addressed it.

"I would like to offer a sacrifice. I understand you can grant wishes but there's a price? My wish is that Teckelstein escapes this limbo and is transported to a safe location with all damages repaired. I pay the price of my own free will."

The Stone shuddered lightened but shadows formed and gathered around the small dog. When they parted he had changed. The body proportions that had seemed elegant were now comically cute and awkward with large eyes protruding and tail slightly bent and legs too bowed and droopy ears and the eyes was still keen and bright but less focused. Leroy once the THE ROYal Prince wandered off slowly.

The stone murmured to itself.

"A gift of noble innocence and pure intent the first in generations.  IN exchange a gift given and something extra to protect that poor soul. My wish is that he be restored to his true self if he ever offers himself in sacrifice again.

(The story of leroy will continue at a future date. Don't worry folks we willnt leave him as a cartoonish parody of a dachshund.)

Outside something rippled through the skies of Teckelstein like a blur of moving shadow as if a storm cloud had been thinned into gauze. The force field became fully functional. Cracks in the dome disappeared. Ice and snow melted. Birds and other winged beings sung but A.F. von Teckelstein shuddered wondering who had sacrificed their destiny to the Stone.