Friday, 15 February 2013

Lost Sisters

Lost Sisters

"Lena ... oh MR L's sister or daughter or niece or well?" stated Fluvia.

"Sister here we're all sisters here the Lost Sisters" answered Lena, "princesses, warriors, priestesses, and ..."

A tall brunette wearing dark clothes decorated with stars and silver jewellery was walking towards them.

"Donna!" cried out Sassy, Goldie , and Fluvia together!

Donna held her hands out to Bethany and Sinh.

"Time for your lessons girls."

"Donna hello!"

"Whatever you want I'm not going back out there again  not back to the endless rewrites and origin changes and having a sister and not having a sister and what they did to my son !"

"NOT even if we're going to a place where there's a Cintamani a genuine wish granting reality altering jewel?" asked Sassy.

Donna looked at them thoughtfully with cool consideration.