Wednesday, 27 February 2013

News from which real world

News From Which real world ?

In an certain office within a certain heritage building in a famous city with lotsa monuments and museums including now a Jeffersonian and an Smithsonian some one was adding to a list on a whiteboard and some one else was looking very unhappy.

"Sir some good news Godzilla has driven away from Tokyo by a taskforce of anime and manga robots mechas cyborgs and an air squadron lead by a pilot called The Red Pig (Scribal Clue Studio Ghibli production translate into Italian).

Tianmenan Square in Beijing is being occupied by pro democracy protestors being shielded by various Buddhist and Taoist deities and you're going to love our phone tap of the Premier begging the Dalai Lama to intercede for him!"

"I'm sure the Dalai Lama loved it too!" replied the alleged Leader of the Free World who was looking out the window watching unicorns gambolling in the rose garden playing with his daughters.

"however Sir? Sir continuing our briefing there are reports of rampaging Sasquatches, Lake monsters galore, and all around the world soap opera characters have been arrested for assaulting their script writers also ..."

A phone rung. Not ominously but cheerfully with a happy old fashioned bring bring bring.

"Sir it's the Chocolate Phone!"

"Sir good news from Prime Minister A. F. Von Teckelstein. They're attempting to break through into our reality from some strange and terrible unrealm they've been trapped in Sir! Sir please put the cigarettes down!"