Tuesday, 12 February 2013

An Explanation for the Erratic schedule

So why does a serial novel with such short chapters appear so erratically?

The problem is a combination of interruption and inspiration.

I've spent the last fortnight running around trying to arrange some casual work and to do and redo course enrolments due to cancellations of my prior role and of courses I wanted to do at my local college. Plus I've been in and out of the physio and lying flat on my back enduring a major bout of sciaitica with muscle spasms due to a combination of running around  high humidity  and other factors.

Lying on one's side or back after a painful physio session does not induce inspiration. And its not a great typing position either. So I tend to work in short bursts.

... and then there's the problem of getting the girls' attention.

When you're dealing with characters who insist on relating their adventures out of sequence to their poor long suffering scribe ...