Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lost Boys

Penny Amy and Lost Boys

Meanwhile while the girls were working their way down their list back at the Node a Lost Boy was forlornly wandering around.

"Penny! Amy! Leon!
Where are my friends Primary Secondary and Tertiary!
Sob they promised me the power to change the laws of physics and all I got so far was this teeshirt and a black cape!"

This character of course  oh yes oh course nudge wink has absolutely no link nudge wink with a certain Texan resident in Pasadena? Of course not!

and back at that residence Leon is screaming out the window.

"Oh for pity's sake Rajnee get here and stop levitating!
And Superpandit is NOT a good super hero name!
and what if the laws of physics suddenly change back again!?