Monday, 29 October 2012


(Okay its very short but ...)


A millenium more or less up the time stream two blonde humanoids were studying

a temporal flux monitor.

"What are they doing downtime! Another Crisis! Again!" exclaimed the one with

a very high IQ and green skin.

The other blonde in the room leaned provocatively across the console blocking

his view of the monitor.

"Let's discuss other problems!"

She seized the edge of his lab coat and suddenly snarled

"Why is it taking so long for my toyboy to get back to top from!
Have you been spiking his meds or something!?
and he still has this strange craving for twentieth century toxins ...things

called Bimacs and Hodawgs!"

Just then fortunately for our lime jello colored genius several alarms went

off at once.

The irate blond female shuddered and shrieked " ... but bu u I didnt get any

precog flash and I should have if that many things happened at once!"

But at the Node certain villians sniggered in delight as the consequences of

worlds fusing spread uptime and their henchmen attacked the mother city of the