Friday, 2 November 2012

So now what

So now what

well the girls are still working their way down their list

So now what!?

"So now what do we do?" asked Goldie as she and Sassy ticked more names off

their list.

"Well we need more police and and some one to fit a harness for the Vortex

manipulator and a few giant robots and ...him?"

"OH this is definitely a job for me!" exclaimed Sassy.

Some time later further up time in what looks like a holiday resort Sassy

trotted across a garden terrace following a trail of cigarette smoke.

Some one was hiding behind some bushes nervously puffing.

"Hello Major Mayor!" barked Sassy.

The smoker shied and neighed. Sassy evaded the hooves of his lower limbs  and

the cigarette he dropped from his hand.

The being who had centaur cousins swore in an obscure Rural Germanic dialect

and placing both hands on his front hips glared down at the dachshund.

"What do you want?!"

"How would you like to take a break from this place without going missing?"

asked Sassy.

"me go AWOL?!" he asked.

"Oh not really since technically you'll have never left the grounds!"

"Tell me more!"

"Yes do tell us more!" demanded a natural blonde with a delicate golden pink

complexion yet masculine figure.  His distinguished sky pilot friend standing

by his stared at Sassy and muttered something that sounded like
"my god they're breeding talking dogs now!"

"Oh Peachy Person says on my list I need a rider with a white horse and a WW2

so you and your friend can come and play too!" exclaimed Sassy.

"Phoenix is ... "

A dainty yet fiery Arab Berber Mare suddenly appeared out of nothing and

trotted up to the Peachy One who embraced her.

Sassy muttered a quick prayer to whatever entity was responsible and thought

she heard some one sigh in happy acknowledgement.

( with apologies to Donna Barr but you were being so mean to poor Stinz over in AFTER DEAD and I thought he deserved a break!)


If you can "get" my sense of humor you'll probably enjoy Stinz too!