Saturday, 8 February 2014

the notes the notes where are the notes !

Previously on Temporal Pests our characters were imperilled and someone not me lost the notes on what happened next so you'll just have to endure a flashback to an older episode again ...

Let There be Ba#$s!

Reposted in honor of the imminent return of a certain fuzzy elf

"So why do we need the boys to build a transtellar transport device that generates wormholes," asked JonaHexed, who hadn't been allowed to read the list yet?

"Something happens to Reg's Taxi but that's not for another hour," answered Sassy.

"But we have Lady Zen Shipper?" stated Jonahexed.

"Apparently building the gate allows a lost and forgotten character to return."

"So who's next," asked Fluvia, leaning closer to read down the list which Goldie was holding up in her mouth for Sassy to read," THEM? the little blue pests!"

No Dear Readers not the ones starting with S.

Meanwhile a memorial statue of a fuzzy elfish being in San Francisco was  surrounded by a horde or swarm of small blue beings all wailing,

"They killed Daddy B@#f! They killed Papa B@#f!"

"And Hewlett finally caught the last of us and banned us from the school grounds!" bewailed another holding an empty whiskey bottle.

Lady Zen Shipper appeared next to the normally invisible yet oddly never a hazard to aircraft or avians giant comatose alien.

"Look!" squealed one of the smarter Bamfs who instead of crying had been panhandling from tourists, "it's the Dragon Queen and the Time Queen and the Teckel Princess!"

The Ba#$ stopped crying and swarmed over to the Girls.

"Hello boys!" barked Sassy, "wanna a job!"

To be continued in the usual erratic manner.

Look I told you this was about a temporal crisis ... must be causing timeloops ?