Friday, 21 February 2014

Still A Battle

Still A battle

(see prior post finally a battle )

Still A Battle

We last saw our characters (unless you caught up on older posts while the girls took an Xmas

break) besieged surrounded overwhelmed threatened and generally in trouble.

DEM grabbed Sassy by the collar and pulled her away from the Goullawk shaped dent in the

ground and then before the Dachshund could wriggle backwards out of the collar wrapped an arm around her and tucked her under her armpit firmly.

"Hey you're wearing armor! That hurts!" yelped Sassy.

"You'll hurt a lot more if you get squashed too by that robot!" scolded DEM.

The demiequinid character was whinnying as he fired off rounds from an antique pistol.

He stopped to reload and snorted at the others and swore in an obscure Germanic dialect.

"@##$% I told my author I wanted to retire!"

Just then in the distance there was a loud popping sound as air was displaced by a gate opening followed by the sound  of anti tank grenades  exploding and the ringing of steel capped hooves against robotic armour.

"Loving God" whinnied the Colonel, "Who invited my wife?"

Catholic Shrieking cut through the crowd bowling over several robots battle machines and

warsuits  and a variety of villains and also clearing a path to a nearby building.

By its door was Wolowiz and wife, P is for Persuasive and Super Pandit waving franticly.

Our beleaguered group of heros run for it.

P is for Persuasive stood outside guarding them as they retreated talking to the villians,

"You really need a coffee break about now!"

"These are not the droids you're looking for!"

"They went the other way!"

"Would you like to buy me shoes?"

Leon grabbed his girlfriend and pulled her inside and slammed the door before anyone could

respond to that offer.

Inside Reg and Jonahexed and others were studying the controls.

The Texan praying mantis was looking particularly petulant.

"Why one of the greatest minds in the multiverse can not break the decryptions on these controls..."

"Minds!?" snapped several other people in the room.

"I think since we just had another arrival incoming travel is possible but we can't open portals out.

Jonahexed eyes stated glowing. Literally.

"I ... I ... feel explanatory prose paragraphs forming!"

"The portal controls are locked but there's always a solution ... that s a cosmic law of narrative so ... soo ... soo ..." Jonahexed paused to look at the control panel ..."

"Is that a messaging system or comm icon?"

"Oh yes its got a RECYT / REPLY ALL command option!"

But what about Goldie?" howled Sassy.

To be continued at the same erratic pace.

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