Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Agent Phil's Family Fun Time and Furies explained

Meanwhile as worlds collide converge and become chaotic one sensible individual is staying out of trouble safely riding out the chaos on a plane with a fuel tank which apparently can circumnavigate the world several times without refuelling. But his boss is not happy about this.

Oh and an explanation of how a white 60s Fury became ... the new guy with the eye patch much darker tan ... and attitude!

A phone rings.

"Phil I need your admin skills! Get back here now!"

"But that require a dangerous transit through unstable areas of temporal and spatial distortions ... Wahrd stop teasing the Fitzes and go help Skype with her homework!"

" Phil you have to get back here due to those distortions my grandfather's trying to "volunteer" and return to service! Gramps please no put that gun down. No we don't use howitzers any more and no you can't have a rocket launcher! Gramps please! And stop going around the carrier telling people how proud you are of me! You're spoiling my image! "

Phil smirks. The yelling from the phone continues.

"No gramps of course I love you  but even with that youth serum you're in your 90s and seeing you is starting up that nepotism rumor again!"

Phil please come back please!"

Agents of Shield returns to Australian tv on wednesday night !