Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Next and next and next

Next next and next

Fluvia was in deep planning mode with the extended Adjunct clan.

A world in which all alternate universes and fictionalities along with other realms continuing to converge was dangerous to everyone. Death could become final and not dependent on rewrites or retro continuity or how popular your character was.  Also there were now fairies at the bottom of the garden and not necessarily the nice flowery ones. The distant yelping and shrieking  of tormented animals could be heard and that was just under the tea table as Goldie and the dodos fought over scraps and tidbits.

"So..." stated Fluvia, "its agreed we use Lady Zen to get to the Node and fight to make sure one of us is at the front of the queque  or brawl or civil war to make the first wish and ..." dark clouds suddenly appeared overhead tinting the daylight with ominous overtones, "Oh that's ... not good." The dark clouds begun to swirling and glow as if they were ash around a fire.

"There's no smiting scheduled!" cried one character.

"Weaponry!" cried another running towards the house, "we need guns!"

A bolt of something like plasma struck downwards vaporizing most of the house and setting fire to the rest and then a minute later a second carved a message into a hillside facing the house.

"New Product! The Schnittatron. Don't wait for Divine wrath! Take your revenge NOW!! Darkoverlord Today! Brought to you by giantmegacolossalcorp! Ha!ha!ha!"

"oh really!" yelped Sassy, "who carves evil laughter? Your series villians are really tasteless!"

JonaHexed pointed up at the sky. The clouds were swirling and glowing again!

"Run they havnt finished! To the ship now!"

The humans raced over the lawn but the most of the dodos panickd and run around in circles shrieking.

"PLOCK! plock PLOCK! plock!"

"Pickie here girl marshmallows!"


Another bolt of pseudodivine wrath struck.

"oh Pickie!" wept several people.

Happily a small flock of slightly smouldering dodos wandered out of the smoke surrounding the impact crater from the bolt in a manner even more dazed and confused than usual for small reconstructed from extinction avians.

"Everyone aboard now!" ordered Fluvia.

Even the dodos complied with a little help from Sassy bravely ignoring the risk of incineration and racing out to round up and herd the dodos to the ship.

Lady Zen Shipper raced from the outskirt sof Swindon towards London followed by dark clouds.