Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Battle of Respite Street

#fanfic reedited 2014  #drwho #london #urbanfantasy

The Battle of Respite Street
and how Reg met Her Inside!

In a certain Street in East London people were having afternoon tea along with their underlings and significant others.

The civil sorcerer was there and his apprentice and his wife carrying a voilin case.

Her Inside was serving tea in cups to them and iced tea in a glass with a straw to her husband Reg when the doorbell rung. The apprentice picked up his iphone and activated the scanner.

"No signs of entity activity!"

Her Inside moved towards the door.

"Wait a minute!" cried the apprentice, "no sign of human activity either!
Who or what is knocking on the door?"

That question was ansnwered by the door being smashed in. Well half the door the bottom was kicked in and the top disintegrated.

Out on the front path and street was a small squadron of cyborgs, consisting of  two types of very British cyborgs, the ones with silver skins and the ones that have been compared to condiment servers.

"Oh dear," shuddered Her Inside, "our relatives and inlaws have formed an alliance."

Other doors and windows were being smashed and destroyed along the street.

The Two largest cyborgs made an announcment.

"All residents will gather for processing. Illegal migrants will be returned to their correct continuum. Others will serve and obey. OBEY!"

(Note of rnewer readers this is a rebump from a series
Most of Respite Street's resident have escaped or are visiting from their universes to hide or vacation in ours!)

"Da@#k Reg You are not authorized to reside here! Report for punishment!"

"Cyborg Her! Remove those clothes and report for processing and repairs."

"NO" shouted Reg and Her together.

"We will not go back to being things and toys! "

"Obey or be destroyed now!"


Young Robert's wife opened her violin case.

"Ah yes their audio receptors are a weak point!" observed Dr. A,

"Everyone human move to the back of the house.

I'm sorry Her and Reg this may hurt you too if it works!"

Agent M begun to play and time slowed down.

The cyborgs stopped and then advanced again but slowly and raising weapon arms.

M changed the pace of her music.

The cyborgs begun to shake and shudder.

 Nearby cats and dogs and other animals shrieked.

A giant spider in a workshop under Hampstead Heath dropped a needle and moaned.

(Read #BenedictJacka !)

Her Inside struggled to embrace her husband one last minute annd asked him,

"Remember how we met?"

"Yes refugees in the therapist's offices at Teckelstein, "answered Reg, "You were a vision in silver amongst all those softbodies and you turned and asked me Your First Time here too and you reached out and touched me with such delicacy.
You touched and I felt you smile inside and my soul grow stronger.

"I love you!" they shouted in unison as the music reached a crescendo and the other cyborgs still advanced.

The cyborgs were screaming at them.

"Illogical Dysfunctional Not a real Da#$K Irrelevant Emotional !
You will not be processed! You will be destroyed!"

The violinist tried a different tune, that of a famous hymn.

Those who could sing joined the music with the words of Amazing Grace.

The cyborgs shuddered and stalled again and shrieked,

" Analysis Psionic weaponry Possibilites  Empathy Resonator Device Sonic Disruptor Psychic Ampilifier Strategy Destroy the violin!"

Then a small boy appeared with a musical instrument.

To be continued !