Saturday, 22 December 2012

NOT Naked Feline Guy

Unfortunately NOTnaked Feline Guy sleathily moved through the garden and into the kitchen. The ladies and one small boy present were greeting two new arrivals.

Sassy and Goldie had arrived.

"SO my future self warned us to pick passengers from Edinburgh and Botswana and travel here. We left Lady Zenshipper parked on the commons disguised as a storage shed for gardening equipment and oh look at that clock! Isabel your ethical dilemna should be arriving any second now!

Feline Guy unfortunately NOTnaked leapt out of the kitchen into the living room brandishing a knive in one hand and grabbing Sassy by her collar with the other.

"Nothing personal Ladies but I have a contract to keep!"

Goldie shriekd and lifted her tail ready to slap him with her what she referred to as her "very powerful and sexy flukes and why I can't get people volunteering to portray them I just don't know!"

"Young man who are you contracted to? Perhaps we can outbid them?"

Notnaked Feline Guy moved the knife closer to Sassy's throat.

"I can't tell you what the contract price was. That's part of the contract!"

"Who did they threaten TB?" Your cats? " asked Sassy trying to wiggle loose.

Tomkat prepared to plunge the knife into Sassy's chest but dropped it as an saxophone swung up and hit him from behind and below!

Bertie smiled. He was really enjoying his big adventure!

The ladies piled onto Tomkat and restrained him with curtains a crocheted couch cover and duct tape but graciously and offering him a cup of tea afterwards!

Worst of all they gave him a group hug.

Then Isabel addressed him.

"Now young man I'm a trained philosopher in ethics and I also know logic so logically even if your contract bans you from telling us how to outbid whoever is employing you you could use sign language."

Tomkat smiled grimly and tipped his head towards Bertie.

"A child?"

Tomkat shook his head and mouthed the words "THREAT TO".

Fortunately one of those present could lipread.

"Threat to a child?" asked Isabel

"Oh Tomkat not tomkit! They found tomkit!" cried Sassy.

"Well that explains the note help an ethical dilemna find a kitten!" she exclaimed.

Tomkat just slumped back and the couch and cried softly and silently.

Next time what ever happened to Lori?

 You get two episodes this week as a xmas present!