Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Happy Advent

A Happy Advent

Two new arrivals to Respite Street from Edinburgh.

Suddenly the sound of a saxophone swept down the street. It was being played by a small boy who was being chaperoned by an attractive middle aged woman.

The cyborgs turned to face them.


"Residents of Edinburgh.
Participants in popular best selling novel series.
Alert Incoming!"

 A traditionally built African lady from yet another best selling series appeared along with her friend and her husband and his apprentices ALL HOLDING screwdrivers cutting torches and determined expressions.

"Alert Alert Alert
Botswana's finest mechanic and private detectives!
Implement Strategy 36!
Retreat! Withdraw! Emergency! Run! Stomp! March! Levitate! FLee!"

Afternoon tea resumed amongst the women while the men folk put up some barricades using furnishings donated by Grace's husband just in case Reg and Her Inside's relatives and clones returned.

Unfortunately another threat was watching them from the back yard.

Next time we make Notnaked Feline Guy "Tomkat" and no connection to Tom Cruise CRY!