Friday, 16 May 2014

Consequences and Convergences or Return of the Queen and other stuff

Meanwhile back in the "real" world events were almost as odd as those occurring at the Node.

Wakandan State Media was announcing an takeover bid for Fox News to the glee of a certain President.

In Tokyo a Shinto shrine was being raised to Godzilla who had just saved Tokyo AGAIN and was being offered the entire days contents of Tsukuji fish market as the first offering.

Ron and Jack were leading a convoy of British heroes to Stonehenge to help at the Node battle.

In Canberra Australia a talking Koala in clothes and a creature that looked at a pudding with legs wearing an old style ceramic kitchen bowl  were trying to explain to a Prime Minister and his Treasurer the economy was not a Magic Pudding.

Elsewhere a small hound was being whirled through time and space in search on herself !

And that ominously bubbling pit where we left Goldie?

Someone has just crawled out of it and she's in a really BAD mood!

You thought Godzilla's roar in the latest movie version was impressive.

This isn't a podcast! You'll just have to imagine how it sounds!


Yipe definitely a bad mood!