Saturday, 12 April 2014

Time is Loopy Two

Inside the now crowded control room people were franticly working on two projects, adjusting a Vortex Manipulator to be worn by a small hound and trying to create a multi-dimensional mailing list. People were of course arguing over who to invite or plea for help and whether to make a special harness or just duct tape the device to Sassy. Closer to the door Wolowiz was creating barricades of transuranic metals, synthetic diamond walls, and nanoclouds that could eat armor,  and anything that might slow down the inevitable collapse of even a door made of unobtanium which was being to crack.

Meanwhile on this world your Scribe is struggling with a broken arm. How typing with one finger of the other arm can cause twinges in the damaged arm  is an annoying mystery.

The door shuddered and shook into a million tiny pieces as the send message command was entered and a dachshund disappeared as Fluvia triggered the Manipulator with one hand while drawing one of her guns with the other.

She had probably just started or closed  a temporal loop.

To be continued next week after I find out what physio I need for my right arm.
Hey I type with my left but the twinges and aches are kinda very distracting?