Monday, 3 March 2014

Steaming Queens

Steaming Queens

Back at the Node the villains moved over to the control bunker and left a certain hole in the ground unattended. The hole was the shape of a giant robotic foot on its outer edges and in the middle, an indent in the soil, was the outline of a Goullawk.

Somewhere under that was what was left of Goldie's body in a comatose state.

A gardening robot came trundling over and filled the hole with water and then went off to get some soil and plants. The water soaked downwards and meet some unique biochemistry.

Some odd sounds arose from the hole. Fizzing bubbling popping and hissing  as the hole filled with something that looked like a purple soft drink.

There was a bulge as something at the bottom of the hole absorbed fluid and begun to UNflatten but slowly. The bubbling continued. Steam rose up.

The fluid rippled. A pair of breathing holes  could be seen if you were really close. There was a loud inhaling noise then all the bubbling hissing and steaming stopped except for a occasional plop of extra large bubbles.

The queen was steaming mad. Woe betide anything that got in her way when she emerged from healing.