Saturday, 22 March 2014

Cosmic messaging

Cosmic Messaging

Yes readers despite the lack of interest our #satire # parody #explanation of #cosmic #crossover #crisies continues. Of course its fictional and yet given this years plot developments at a certain company ... well lets just say two or three of our characters are smirking and I'm worried since I know the ending even if you don't!

In the bunker behind a door now reinforced with unobtanium and similar metals courtesy of Wolowiz the Texan Praying Mantis and others were using every terminal to type up mailing lists for everyone they could think of  who either had net access or the local equivalent or could send on messages to others.

In a cave under a plateau near a certain Eastern Seaboard city on a bay a faithful retainer had his Second Life session disrupted by an incoming message.

On the screen of several timeships across the multiverse pleas for help and co-ordinates flashed.

Most importantly of all the inbox yapped on A.F. von Teckelstein's desk and a printer churned out a page of information.

One steaming mad queen a couple of hundred enraged Teckelsteiners who had nearly been erased from existence and quite a few other people now known who was responsible and where to go and now to get there.

Or try to get there.

The gates still needed to be opened.