Saturday, 29 March 2014

An Introduction to some of our Characters in Temporal Pests

#Temporal Pests are mostly a satire or parody or #fantasy or whatever you want to call it of all those cosmic crisises and convergences and crossovers. You'll encounter some familiar characters from a variety of genres.

Sassy a sentient dachshund from Teckelstein who with Goldie first appeared in a fanfic satire about a scifi program popular at the time and now defunct.

Goldie the Goullawk Queen. Like her friend Sassy she's escaped from fanfic and rampages across realities. I told you I'm just the scribe.

JonaHexed. Now who could he be? He sometimes has adventures with the girls because so long as he has a few readers he will not fade into oblivion. Fortunately he was written to be lucky!

Fluvia Canta. I guess not enough fans of a certain show know Latin. A gun slinging archaeologist with some interesting boyfriends and a spouse who's out of this world.  Then again her boyfriends are her spouse. She likes to go shopping with the girls and other fun activities like escaping prisons and shooting people who really do serve to be shoot.

Reg London's only  Dallawk taxi cab driver and yes it is a traditional black cab with a few extras under the bonnet. Yes Reg does resemble a certain type of mutant cyborg he has a heart of gold and a spouse who wears silver and steel.

HerInside likes to garden and cook and wears a frilly pinafore or apron to make it quite clear despite her outer form she's a lady inside.

The Wizards of London. That guy form Chicago said he was too busy.

However other people from London apart from a certain cynical chain smoker have magical powers including Young Robert apprentice to Dr A.

Yes Young Robert and Dr A do work in an occult clean up service.

The Technical Support crew from Pasadena. I have to explain this one?

Ron and Jack
Scholarly saints aiding our girls behind the scenes.
One was once a Catholic the other once a Protestant and both were famous writers.

Various dragons. One of these days some one is figuring to figure out who Mr BlackandSilver is however perhaps thankfully not everyone knows Sindarin or thought about the name of a certain character in a certain series.

Finally Teckelstein. Basically a large chunk of land including a lake islands surrounding mountains once allegedly part of Central Europe and now a planetoid with fusion ramjet and other drives plus dimension jumping devices and much more and a population of dachshunds and characters either taking a vacation or recovering from what their writers do to them in between issues episodes and novels.

Come and join us at Temporal Pests. The plot and the narrative are a bit of muddle but thats probably due to the temporal backlash from the girls reality altering adventures.