Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Evil partying

( in which we find out what the villians have been doing and the perverse childishness of a certain big bang of a physicist aids the good guys)

Back at the Node Evil was partying. It was that or fight while they were waiting for the Cintamani to be usable again. The mastermind Mr. L was announcing events.

"Listen up people we have a great variety of exciting and fun events to entertain you while we wait.

THE BALROG Yes THE BALROG will be starting a demo in five minutes on fire whip wielding!
Sauron will be speaking on how to be corporate when you're discorporate.
Plus we have an open bar and sushi and a raffle. First prize an extra chance for a wish. Second prize a higher number in the queue.  Third prize ... well which Captain and we have a great selection in our cells do you want to have a special moment with? Also a great talk by Emperor Palpatine on Coping when Evil is your Destiny! For the ladies and some of the guys a demo on poisons and perfumes.

A Little later there will be cosplay ..."

"Did some one say cosplay?" cried a tall person from Texas wearing a black cape who has been compared to a praying mantis, " Is there a Sith Lord section?"

A few genuine Sith Lords hissed or glared at him as he had been trying to get them to play with him for several hours.

"oh you there you are Doctor! Will some one please escort him back to the lab. We need him to watch the monitors for quantum fluctations while we party," ordered Mr. L.

"But I want to cosplay!" sulked the potential Nobel prize if he continued to avoid that lab accident winner as they dragged him off.

Just after as they locked him in the lab and closed the door an alarm went off in the lab and some captive AI squealed.

"Alert Quantum fluctations indicate return of Teckelstein. Warning! Warning! Warning!"

"No..." sulked the Texan physicist, "they wouldn't let me cosplay. I don't know what Teckelstein is and I'm not even going to look. They were mean to me and they promised this would be fun!"

So evil partied on unaware of the threat of Teckelstein approaching.

To be continued at the usual erratic rate.