Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Cell Full of Captains


Deep down in the dungeons the captive command staff were getting restless. Their various escape techniques were not working. Low tech attempts to pick the locks resulted in multiple electric shocks first from the lock and then the guards who also threatened to get a barber in to shave off someone's dreads. The guards were eunuchs so attempts to charm or seduce the guards were not working to the peculiar dismay of one captain who usually found that method very reliable.  The most senior captain and one of his former officers who was now a captain were trying to boost the signal on their  communicators but that wasnt working either. A few captains had tried ramming the cell walls with benches and a couple of desperate souls were trying to scrape through the tiled floor with spoons.

The charming captain who loved WW2 greatcoats was playing half heartedly with his phone when suddenly to his surprise it started working. He dialled a friend in Wales.

"Hello you have reached Gwen. Sorry I am not  available. Some one sent me a gift voucher for Harrods so I'm off to London on the express train!"

Other people's phones started working with equally frustrating results.

"Hello you have reached the Doctor. My message box is full. Please try again."

"Hello you tried to reach the Captains private quarters. Don't even think of trying to over ride the diversion of this message to voice mail. I just got our son off to sleep and now its my time finally to open a bottle of French wine and share it with my favorite red head ... !"

"Hello you have reached ...."

"Wait a moment that was three unsuccessful attempts! The Rule of Three! Does that work here?"

"Yeah where's our dramatic intervention!"

A mysterious figure suddenly materialized waved her fingers and the guards fell asleep.

"Q!" cried a female captain.

To be continued.