Sunday, 17 March 2013

a Recap of the Story so far

A recap of our story so far

in case someone's lost in the plot.

Sassy and Goldie due to an over indulgent creator know they were originally fictional creatures.

They escaped from fan fiction (Google Between the Frames) and have lead short but happy lives terrorizing

... er ... rampaging ... er playing across the multiverse getting banned from certian universes and

dreamings yet saving others.

Sassy is  a Teckelstein a race of sentient dachshunds ... yes they talk ... and talk ... continuing our

recap a princess of the royal family of Teckelstein.

Teckelstein is one of those pocket universes with no fixed address that travels wherver its residents

direct it with a little or a lot of help from the fusion warp hyper and improbablity drives attached to

its central mass an asteroid or planetoid part of which was once an alpine valley somewhere in Southern

Germany and other parts ... well that would be several books.

Teckelstein is one of the places in the multiverse where discarded ficitonal characters can take refuge

from the crueltires inflicted upon them by their creators and also a popular vacation and shopping spot

between stories for many others.

It's leader is Queen Beatrice the Blessed and First Minsiter for everything A. F. Von Teckelstein.

So far Goldie she is a Goullawk who may or may not be related to a certain race in the SGverse.

She is now a dragonoid or a small dragon queen and looks like some one crossed a small sea dragon or

monster with a seal. She has front flippers no rear flippers a medium length tail with powerful flukes and

a torso whose color varies from purple to gold that tapers up to a long neck crowned with a dragonish head

with feathers and large fin shaped ears two purple eyes and a slightly bizarre muzzle that ends in a set

of finger claws.

The forces of evil in several universes particularly  have grown tired of the continual reality resets and

cosmic crisises and have over run one of the Nodes areas of the multiplaces where Cintamani are placed.

Cintamani are wishing and they are usually used to correct and maintain balance between order and chaos

but our numero uno villian has crafted a wish designed to protect one relative and prevent other heroes

and villians or tricksters from stopping him.

Unfortunately as part of that wish Teckelstein became trapped in limbo leaving Sassy and Goldie trapped

with out backup save for a very few friends and allies like ...

Fluvia Canta the siginificant other of a certain person whose hobby is collecting companions.

JonaHexed a minor character

Mr Black and Silver one of Goldie's boyfriends.

A Deeply Scary Civil Servant from London

HerInside a cyborg lady Her Husband Reg a London taxi driver and not really a DAL#$ really not!

This is fan fiction but I have to pay some minimal respect to copyright?

so read more TEMPORAL PESTS !