Monday, 4 June 2012

A note from your Scribe

Hey people I had to take a week off nursing a sick relative and because it was my birthday so here's a quickie filler post.

Yes like its my birthday so did anyone notice the tipjar?

Popular culture and Science fiction Fantasy references that have been made so far indirectly in Temporal Pests

surely ... shirley okay who missed that one?

shakespearean actors and scifi

cosmic crystals

auditors of reality

time patrols

torchwood and a certain captain

doctor who

charlie stross' laundry novels

oh and I think I forgot to mention that Teckelstein is basically a giant planoforming device or rather a large asteroid planetoid size chunk of terrain enclosed in a planoforming field  now who's read Cordwainer Smith?

next time a look at the consequences for the "real" world of a certain person's wish