Sunday, 17 August 2014

Small Monsters

The girls have been busy.


Somewhere in the Middle East a small sonic screwdriver held by some one using a muzzle or snout as much a mouth as a “hand” with four digits was loosing parts of a missile launching device while another small being was quietly using a pencil held in an fanged opening that was more definitely a mouth to use a keyboard and erase or reset targetting software and programs. Two small monsters were doing their part for peace in a region beset by larger monsters.

A commanding voice interrupted their activities.


Two pairs of eyes turned towards the voice. One pair was onyx gold brown surrounded by golden red fur and the other opalescent purple surrounded by delicate barely visible small scales.

“I don't know what kind of ifrit or djin either of you are but I can see you!”

“Oh a human who can see us!” remarked the purple eyed dragonoid.

The young man held out an amulet with symbols inscribed on it that predated the Sumerians.

“Sorry sweetie that doesn't work on us!” remarked the onyx eyed one.

“B u u u t...”

“Cos we're not ifrits or djinni” chimed the other.

The young human uttered words he'd been taught in a language that was younger than the symbols on the amulet and sounded like some kind of Arabic but was older than even Quranic Arabic.

Some one else appeared.

"You called me to protect me oh young and most fortunate of … urk eek argh NOT them!” spluttered a being wearing an outfit that belonged on a Bedu shepherd wearing his best festival outfit.

The young man looked at the two small monsters or whatever they were and at his family's djinn.

“Obey! Protect this infidel kaffir smiting weapon!” he snarled.

The djinn hestitated and asked …

“Must I?”

“Yes must he?” asked the furry one,” cos I thought the problem you had around here was a bit too much faith not a lack?”

“What she said!” stated the djinn who'd been peacefully resting in a cave near Petra reading through a basket of books and scrolls that contained the secret diaries of a Idumean Princess, her copy of Sappho's poetry, the real Gospel of Barnabas, and a copy of Queen Cleopatra's recipe book for perfumes, poisons, and potions for treating childhood diseases.

The djinn had been half away through a juicy passage of gossip about a certain emperor and was eager to get back to it.

“Oh this is the be careful how I say my commands thing isn't it? Oh mighty spirit bound to serve my family for a thousand years and ten thousand wishes which ever comes first remove these two beings to some place faraway where they may smite enemies of my people!”

The two small monsters and the djinn disappeared.

A short while later faraway at a tank depot the girls resumed their creative alterations.

“All those bound djinn being invoked when people see us makes getting into military bases and past security systems so much easier! So do you want to jam the tank treads or do we cut the fuel lines this time? Or how about we snafu the computer inside this tank first so we're working inside unseen in case they have any Golem?”

Far above the shadows of dark wings and worse things greater monsters watched their work of chaos unfold across the region as two small monsters did their best to reduce some of the violence.

Okay  this probably didn't happen in our universe ... probably ... but ...