Saturday, 30 August 2014

Locks and Loops

A small red being was plummeting through the time vortex or the multiverse or the source wall or the borders of time and space. Whatever. It hurt. Her fur was starting smoulder. She was starting to forget where or when she was going.

That was when she landed.

A corridor. She was in a corridor leading to ... herself.

She could see herself and Goldie in a holding cell.

Aaaargh was this a temporal loop or lock.

What if she's done this before?  Several times before?

That note with the list  had changed a couple of times!

Would it alter again?

To be continued until Sassy and Goldilock break the temporal loop or paypal donations arrive. Yes that means next week back to chapter one again!

Bwabahahah evil laughter etc ......