Thursday, 19 June 2014


Sassy's trip through the vortex had brought her to the Door that goes almost Everywhere and When.

"DODO's Super Flying Ultra Postal Service Head Office Please!"

In an neglected corner of fan fiction was Generic City
(see Just a Lotta animals if you can find it)
and in Generic City was a service run about some very special pigeons and parrots and other Avians. someone had genespliced a pigeon a dodo and possibly a bit of African Grey parrot. The result had a perch behind a counter and was wearing a ww2 fighter pilot cap.

"Oh hello Sassy havnt seen any of your folk for a while."

"Dodo dear do you have an active link to Teckelstein?" asked Sassy as she trotted behind the counter into the staff area.

"I've got a tech team looking at that now. The light keeps blinking on and off!"

The pigeon flapped down a corridor and Sassy trotted swiftly below and just a little behind him.

They entered a room full of blinking lights with names like Westeros, Honorverse, Disney Anime, Urban Noir, Uber Chicago and of course Discworld. Each of these lights had a pigeon size door below it and various notes, like beware the gargoyles, avoid the dragons, or force shield necessary.

On the floor below some very large rats wearing tool belts were swarming in and out of a mechanism that seemed to be connecting various cables to the lights and doors and a large monitor. There was a shriek from inside that mechanism and a ratty scream of

"See I told you it was live. Use the meter!"

A slightly scorched rodent wombled out towards them spun around and collapsed.

"Will he be alright?' asked Sassy smelling burnt fur.

"Ello ello ello wot can ay do for youse?" asked another rodent wearing a white cap and glasses.

"Teckelstein! Has the link stabilised!"

Well we're getting a lot of quantum fluctation today but yes while I don't think a medium to large humanoid  could travel through quantum we can generate a quantum level tunneling for a smaller being like your ladyship or our couriers!

Dodo puffed out his chest.

"What message do you want me to deliver Sassy?"

"Several actually! I have a list!" stated the dachshund.

To be continued when my informants don't get distracted and forget to discover notes to me!

Spoiler alert I swear by the nine muses certain events in upcoming episodes occurred BEFORE Forever Evil and of course this is fiction but why do the girls keep "guessing" about certain events? worrisome? Mr L is trying along with Young L#$% to break the mythic cycle and the girls have been insisting for years that ... what next a certain Lannister finally gets his hands on gunpowder and cannonry?

Final note to readers I am actually writing a serious SF novel.
This series ... isn't ...any definable genre?