Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pop goes the ...



Goldie remembered an odd feeling as if she had been squeezed through something.

She now seems to be floating in thin air not flying floating as if air was as dense as water.

She looked down. there was the battle to access the Cintamani.



She looked again. There was the foot print of a giant robot and in the middle of it a darker deeper indent rather Goullawk shaped.

Someone behind and above her spoke.

"You're not dead ... yet."


Tara aka Kuan Yin aka Lady Charity an avatar of compassion  was smiling at her.

"I'm squished!" lamented Goldie.

"You don't have solid bones you have ultradense cartilage," stated Tara, "provided some one applies liquids you'll heal ... eventually."

"But we're having a crisis now!" shrieked Goldie, looking down at the mayhem below. Sassy had just had her fur scorched by a laser. JonaHexed and his new girlfriend were firing weaponry gallantly. The wizrds' sheilds were flickering and about to fail and Reg and HerInside were surrounded by cyborgs.

Oddly though the villians seemed to be avoiding the Doctorish Donna.

Goldie moaned.

"Not good!"

"Really!? Well yes your readership has dropped again but help is on the way."

Tara pointed at a building the Tech Support Crew from Pasadena and Princess Amy of the Apes were running towards.

"Behold the Opener of Gates!"

To be continued whenever I feel like it or when the reader numbers go up.