Thursday, 5 September 2013

Finally a Battle

Finally a Battle Scene.

Well almost there!

"Okay people final checklist!

Do we have ...

Guns that look so heavy you should fall over trying to pick one up.

Assorted swords knifes and artifacts techno and magical.

Wizards. Dragons. Witches.

A half horse and a Horde of Lost girls.

People from Pasadena for technical and other support.

Dodos and a whole family of people comfortable with the idea of them being fictional and real at the same time.

A vortex manipulator adjusted to fit a Dachshund.

Londons finest Immigrant Taxi driver and his cyborg wife.

Space people and ..."

"Oi oi oy am I too late?" shouted a ginger headed woman leaping out of a car driven by her grandfather.

Yes gentle readers due to the cosmic crisis a certain ginger Donna's not dim any more and can be doctorish without her brain exploding.

The Doctorish Donna has returned!

"Do we have a battle plan though?" asked a character,"we're out gunned out powered and outnumbered by villianry and henchfolk?"

"We're the heroes restoring balance to the multiverse of course we win!" barked sassy confidently.

Another character made a dark inquiry.

"Don't these cosmic resets usually require a tragic sacrifice or great loss of some one?"

"You'ld be surprised what you can lose and still survive and love," responded Fluvia somewhat grimly.

JonaHexed looked at fluvia and asked,

"There's this rumor you're been talking to your future self ..."

"Oh that rumor that my future self gets uploaded into a planet sized AI and that with that much power I could maybe transcend time and space ... just a rumor!" smirked Fluvia.

(Scribal note you have figured out who fluvia is by now gentle readers?)

"Yes well do we have a battle plan?"

"Teamwork just like in WOW!" shouted one of the People from Pasadena.

"Seriously we need a plan!"

"Okay" stated D.E.M. "We go to the Node kick butt majorly and sieze control of the Node and put everything back the way it was!"

"We could make things better?" some one asked wistfully.

"lets just finish loading and up up and away!" barked Sassy.

Gentle readers if you've dropped in the Node is one of those places outside our universe from which one can access and even alter several parts of the Multiverse. The technology or device for doing this is called a Cintamani in Sanksrit. Think Wishing Jewel Psionic Amplifier Laran Stone Infinity Gem Cosmic Crystal Cubic thingies ... getting the idea?

A leading Villian Mr L tired of all the endless reality resets along with a few dozen of his friends and frenemies and allies has over run the Node and made a wish that caused realities and fictionalities to converge with our reality.

Sitcom characters and superheroes and a few antiheroic types who normally deal with these crises this time are aware they have artists and authors and are harassing their creators instead of trying to fix the crisis.

Example this battle via Skype.

Two familiar faces of consulting detectives are screaming at each other via their computer monitors

"I'm the REAL Sher ...

Meanwhile in the background two Doctors with the same family name but differing ethncities are conversing via their mobiles

"Sooo in this new reality we have the same great grand parent and one of his children went to Hong Kong and the other stayed in Britain and ..."

Who's left to fix things ? Sassy a sentient dachshund and Goldie a Dragonoid and an assortment of characters.

Lady Zen Shipper took off from Respite Street heading for a battle even more deadly than that between two massive yet immature egos with giant intellects and an emotional age not particularly adult.

The Node seemed curiously empty. Lady Zen landed facing the Cintamani Shrine which seemed to rise unguarded from a field of grass like growths surrounded by a forest of trees.

There was however a large slab of crystal nearby displaying a map of the current configuration of the Node.

Princess Amy of the Apes was Invisible again and wandered over to the crystal. She touched it just to see what would happen and a path appeared in red from the Node to a spot marked Gate Control and Your true love is here!"

Amy of the Apes briefly shifted into Princess Mode,became visible,  picked up her skirts and begun to ran. The Pasadena People followed her.

"Hey wait you're our tech support don't run off!" screamed Jonahexed.

And that of course was when the giant robots appeared.

Sentinels Battle Suits Iron Giants Computos dropped their cloaking fileds and moved to surround Lady Zen Shipper. Evil cyborgs droids robots nanoswarms and other synthetic beings raced towards them.

The Wizards of London raised a shield over our valiant minority.

Then to add to their problems several infamous sorcerers necromancers wizards dark mages and wicked witches along with their minions familiars and pet demons and monsters joined the forces arrayed against them.

"Come moving forward everyone!" shouted DEM slashing at a tentacled montrosity while JonaHexed blasted a group of minor rock demons with fragmentation rounds and Fluvia fired her guns. The equine person was using a vintage machine pistol. The Lost Girls were using swords nunchakus, and winsomely sweet innocent smiles that caused several people to have to stop and throw up. The dodos were running around in chaotic circles plocking and confusing the villians who couldn't decide each one to shoot first. The people from Swindon employed a wide variety of weaponry they'd collected over the years and then ... it happened.

Goldie raced ahead on her rocket sled beyond the wizards' shields just as a giant robot foot slammed to the ground.

There  was a large deep footprint and no sign of the Goullawk.

"Keep moving!" shrieked DEM grabbing Sassy by her collar as she tried to reach the hole in the ground.

To be continued.

Do Goullawks really have a high body density best compared to rubber?

Will Amy of the Apes find her lost love and receive true Love's kiss.

Where are those backup dragons?

And why haven't the forces of Teckelstein arrived yet?

Questions to be answered some time in the future.