Tuesday, 18 September 2012

In the Oval office or somewhere near by.


"Definitely a crisis!
We have ten alien battle invasion fleets in orbit fortunately all currently fighting each other!
Ryleh has risen up out of the Pacific Ocean.
Godzilla is break dancing in Tokyo.
An island full of mutated people with unusual abilities has appeared off San Francisco.
The Deep Ones took a bus from Boston to Washington and are outside demanding Marine Hybrid rights lead by some one called Ramona.
K.A.O.S. now has an office in New York."


The SHIELD helicarrier is now hovering near the Statue of Liberty.
Homeland Security and the CIA are having a collective hissy fit over that Sir."

"Afraid they'll lose funding?"

"Some possible good news Sir!
Drs.Richards, Pym, McCoy, Strange, Samson, Nemesis, and Savage, along with Larsen, are getting ready for a Skype conference with you."

"and the rest of the world?"

"Satellite photos show various islands phasing in and out off the East Coast, in the Black Sea, and the Caribbean, and the Scillies are bobbing up and down like a yoyo. The Brits and U.N.I.T are trying to find what's left of some specops group called Torch something and where Winston left the special phone that can call an freelancer specialist called the Doc and several mysterious previously  Lost cities have appeared in Tibet, Africa, and South America. Shoggoth have been spotted attacking the Japanese Whaling fleet and that town where they do things to dolphins and the HQs of various dolphin capture organizations.

Finally sir we found the Chocolate Phone."

"The one that rings Teckelstein?"

"That's not good news Sir. We tested it and all we're getting is out of order and this number is no longer available messages."

"Okay the Vaults at AREA 51? and do we have Vampire Agents now?"

They've escaped or gone on strike sir!"

"Do we have a head count of superheros yet?"

"They're all attacking the offices and studios of their creators Sir and we now have giant wolves and elves on the streets of  L.A. San Francisco and Poughkeepsie and Gargoyles in New York and there's more bad news Sir."


"Republican party representatives are driving towards Storybrooke Maine hoping to recruit that Mills woman."

"Where did my wife hide the cigarettes this time!"

Next time more dachshund and goullawk action !