Thursday, 6 September 2012

An Irrresponsible Interlude

An Irresponsible Interlude

We interrupt your scheduled reading with an out of sequence snippet due to the girls' limited grasp of linear time responsibility and copyright.

Somewhere vaguely beyond.

"Plock! plock! plock!"

"Here Pickwickie Marshmallows!"

"Plock? Plockplockplock?!" in a happy way.

"Come on Pickie time to go home! Just follow the trail of marshmallows! That's a good small blue reconstructed dodo!
Home Pickie! Remember Thursday! and the day after that?"

"Plock! Plock! Plock!" Excitedly.

"and you remember the day after Monday?"

"PLOCK!Plock!plock!" Running off panicking.

"Well now you've gone and frightened her!"

The girls and I have been reading jasper (is the extra f for funny?)forde.

'nuff said.

Oh there will be more dodos. Later.