Sunday, 12 August 2012

More Doctors

More Doctors

Univeres are coalescing and turning into strange vast congeries.

Most of the people who are supposedly to be responsible for stopping this sort of thing are captive at the Node.

So who do you turn to?

On a remote planet on a semitropical island of the sort that really has fruit trees and nit just coconut palms someone had a hammock strung between two trees safely above the high tide line and was sipping a fruity kind of drink while nearby a blue object was catching the sun.

The blue object suddenly started humming like a beeswarm about to attackthen a small object came hurtling out of the skies and hovered between the blue object and the sunbather.

"Hello a message box!" exclaimed the sunbather, "For me!"

The box opened and shrieked on sonic and psionic frequencies.


"Bother ... ah well rarely a dull moment hey old girl!?" observed the sunbather while sauntering over and into the blue object.

"What's this I have 3000 messages?"

"Doctor Universes are colliding again! I have Albert Campion and Lord Peter Wimsey in my office and Biggles and most of John Buchan's characters and Lord Greystoke and ..."

"and Winnie's office isn't that large.." mused the person with several hundred doctorates. "hello here's one from ...when did or will I give my phone number to a Henry McCoy, a Dr. Nemesis, and a Dr. Richards?

Also I have messages from a Dr. Savage, the U.N., and oh no! FLUVIA!"

"Hello Sweetie Don't pick me up tonight and maybe tomorrow night too! I'm having a girls' night with guess who? We're shopping for a Vortex Manipulator! "

"Girls? Girls!" shrieked yet another doctor, "which girls?

No NO ... couldn't be... not those girls?"

Across the universe other doctors were panicking!

to be continued sooner or later sooner if I start getting more followers or my late winter pollen allergy attack clears up soonest!?