Monday, 2 December 2013

Agent C to A.F. Teckelstein

This series of messages may explain why I don't have a regular posting  schedule.

The Christmas / New Year Party season has started apparently.

Agent C*%#@*$ to A. F. Teckelstein.

Some one claiming to be your grand niece gave me your email address.

Please explain why and how she and her "galpal" the Goullawk are currently INFESTING my  plane!

A. F. its VON Teckelstein to Agent what did you do with that cellist girlfriend ?

Ignore them or fed them sashimi. The dragonoid will eat any type with seafood.

Agent Cou know who don't you to A. F. Teckelstein

Now some one calling herself a  Professor  of Archaeology has shown up and they're trying to persuade my pilot to come night clubbing with them!

A. F. to Agent C

Its between filming seasons. Surely you can remember you're a fictional character in other universes now. You really haven't meet River before this?

Agent C to A. F. What do you mean "Fictional" OF cos I'm REAL and they "borrowed" LOLA!  I ...!@$#$@!! TAHITI TAHITI TAHITI emergency reset Tahiti is a magical place !  ...

and that was all the correspondence I could get copies of  ...

I pity the night club owner who gets Agent M a certain Doctor's Wife And Sassy and Goldie showing up to party.