Sunday, 10 November 2013

November 2013 recap ... our story so far

Previously on Temporal Pests.

Over on a certain section of the Multiverse regarded as fictional in  ours entire universes and timelines are prone to frequent resets crisises crossovers and entanglements.

Fed up with being at the whim of sadistic editors writers and other creative sadomasochists and led by Mr. "L" villians from across that area of the multiverse and others nearby have attacked and occupied a NODE an pocket dimension that is a gateway to several others and have gained access to a Cintamani a wish granting jewel.

This time they're going to be in charge when the Multiverse converges and resets. However the Cintamani can only be used once by each user and then needs to recharge.

Meanwhile the people usually responsible for guarding the Cintamani have either been taken prisoner or freed from their usual character parameters are busily partying or in some cases punishing their creators.

But the Cintamani or its Creator has a strange sense of humor and as a consequence of a wish Teckelstein home of sentient dachshunds and other beings has had its access to other realities and the Multiverse cut off. This has had various consequences including attracting the attention of Sassy a Teckel Princess and her friend Goldie aka Gilda Dragonides a Goullawk queen.

Unfortunately for the villians their friends and allies include


a gunslinging time travelling archaeologist
yes her boyfriend might be a time traveller too

Reg the ONLY Dawllawk London taxi driver
(No relation to Daleks no what do you think?)

JonaHexed and his new girlfriend Vicki refugees from universes no longer having a steady fanbase.

Dr A a deeply scary civil Sorcerer who normally works for a department stuck with a code name referring to washing.

The girls and their allies have returned to the Node trying to gain access to the Cintamani to undone Mr L's and other wishes but despite or perhaps because of advice from Sassy's future self they are badly outnumbered and Goldie has been seriously squished by a giant robot.

It would seem they need more help.

Fortunately Saints Jack and Ron are on the job and rounding up more allies for them.

The Detectives are coming!