Monday, 29 July 2013

The Advent of D.E.M.

The Advent of D. E. M.

Back in London strane lights were dancing over the hills dragons were perched on St Paul's dome and in a famous store vampires and other shoppers were bickering and clawing at each other and the specials as Harrods was having a sales.

In Respite Street people were quietly and efficiently setting up tables in the street to feed the survivors and tallying up the injuries and damages. Some folk were busy chasing Doctor A's pet triffids who had gotten out of his garden when a  wall collapsed and were trying to hide in a patch of shrubs to waylay passerbys in the commons at the end of the street.

Suddenly there was the unusual sound of horse hoofs on asphalt clattering down the street. Some one who seemed to be more or less female was riding a large horse who seemed to have been used as a model by Frank Frazetta towards Sassy and Goldie. The rider was riding a tee shirt with the words Darkover Ghost Wind Dancer on the front and jodphurs tucked improperly into cowboy boots and hair that was mostly silver flowed down from under a samurai style helmet.

"Hello I'm DEM the Divine Emergency Machina and yes that is a pun on Dea Ex Machina! Friends of friends asked me to assist you!"

Sassy peered at the list. Suddenly the name D. E. M. appeared in purple ink with red and gold outlines at the bottom along with a list of skills, very useful relevant weapon skills, experience with swords, naginata, sabres, muskets, archery, rifles, guns, and artillery.

"Are there going to be any more last minute additions to this or can we finally get to a battle scene?" asked Goldie.

Next ... yes finally a battle scene !